Updated 7/1/21

Part One - How to avoid the Medically Compliant status if you're not aiming to sell those products

Anything with an inventory type of "Flower" that gets sent to a lab on a QA order gets flagged by Leaf as "Medically Compliant".  If this doesn't make sense to you either, read on...

Send out "Flower Lot", not Flower:

If you plan on reporting your lab results to 502, be sure your inventory has a type of "Flower Lot". All your flower that goes into the recreational world needs to be converted into "lots" before testing.

Sublot your Non-Mandatory Samples prior to sending:

If you have a non-mandatory sample, find the Flower ID on the inventory page > Click Edit > Sublot. Then sublot off the amount you wish to send to the lab.

A new Leaf ID will be generated for you to label and send off to the lab instead. Please use this new ID in the QA order for the lab. 

Part Two - How to fix (remove) the status if you don't want it to be medically compliant

A. If you sent it for testing but I forgot to lot it first

Your Flower gets a medically compliant flag attached if you test it before lotting. While you can't 'undo' the medical status, you can turn it into lots later and remove the flag by keeping the 'medical' checkbox unchecked when creating lots in the Lot function. 

The results won't get reported so you may want to discuss options with your lab, in case they are able to apply the results electronically to a new sample. IF they say can do this, add the new Flower Lot ID to a brand new QA order to them, transfer it to them. Since you aren't truly retesting you don't need to deliver it, so just adjust the Flower Lot ID back up by the amount of the new sample.

B. If you received an inbound order and the lot is marked for medical status

  • First try the Modify>Special workflow to remove the medical status. This often works.

  • If modifying the status doesn't do the trick, then use the Convert function to convert all the weight of the received lot into a new Flower Lot. Remember to leave the QA box in the Convert window unchecked so the QA status is not inherited. This will lose the medical status and you can proceed as if it were untested. You'll need to re-label with the new lot ID, too.

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