In METRC, sometimes you will see a discrepancy in your reported sales. The reason for these are outlined below with tips on preventing, confirming, and fixing. 

1) The original attempt to report the sale to Metrc was not accepted by Metrc

This seems to be the most common issue we see. We attempt to report the sale to Metrc, and the request times out, and we have to assume the sale didn't get reported. 

What causes a discrepancy is that sometimes the sale does eventually get reported to Metrc (even though our request was never responded to), but we have no way to know that, so we flag the order as not reported, and someone later in the day will hit the "Report Sale to Metrc" button on the order, causing a duplicate order to be in Metrc.

In this case, the number in Metrc will be higher than the number in GrowFlow due to the duplicate sales receipts in Metrc.

How to prevent:

Before pressing the "Report Sale to Metrc" button please double-check that the sale is not already in Metrc. If you see the sale in Metrc, do not re-report the sale and leave it as is. Your numbers will stay accurate and your sales will be properly reported. 

How to Resolve if there is a duplicate created:

  1. Login to Metrc

  2. Click on Sales

  3. Scan your sales receipts for two sales reported at the exact same time, for the same amount, with the same packages. 

  4. Confirm you have the correct transaction by matching the Metrc ID and External ID. 

  5. Void one of them to remove the duplicate from the system. 

  6. Note - we recommend this responsibility falls on management staff. 

Pro-tip: Export your sales from Metrc into Excel and filter out any duplicated transactions

2) A return order is completed but the "restock" toggle is turned off

Even though this toggle is checked by default, and when it is unchecked it will display a Metrc discrepancy warning, it is still regularly unchecked. This causes the sales amount to be lower in GrowFlow, and the stock amount to be higher in GrowFlow.

How to Prevent:

For now, please help your staff and peers by educating them to never uncheck the restock toggle when returning cannabis goods. 

How to resolve:

  1. Login to Metrc and create a manual sales receipt with a negative number for the items returned and negative sales amount for the Net Price of that item. You can locate the net sales price of an item in the Sales Items report in GrowFlow.

  2. In GrowFlow, adjust UP the returned package and do not report it to Metrc (since step 1 will do that automatically)

  3. Note - we recommend this responsibility falls on management staff.

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