Updated 12/18/2020

Pre-packaging inventory allows you to see at a glance what retail-ready products you have available. Pre-packaging your inventory is quick and easy in GrowFlow.

  1. To begin, navigate to your Inventory Overview and click the "Package" or "Convert" button.

2. In the next screen you will enter the following.

A. Choose Pre-packaged Items

B. Choose the category of the product you are making such as "Flower" or "Concentrate"

C. Choose the name product you would like to package

Note: Choose either a predefined strain-specific product, a strain-less product template. If you need to create a new strain, click on the "New Strain" button to create a new strain from the packaging/conversion screen.

D. Use the filters to filter your available source packages

E. Enter the total amount packaged from your source packages

F. Enter total units packaged

G. Enter any waste created during packaging

H. Click Preview Convert

3. In the next screen you will preview the packaging conversion and click the Confirm button if everything is correct. Note: If you need to change the information on the previous screen you can do so by clicking the Back to Convert button.

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