Updated 12/31/2020

1. Navigate to Inventory Overview and click the Package button:

2. On the Package Inventory screen, select the product you would like to make. In this example, we will be making Bulk Distillate:

  1. Bulk Inventory

  2. Concentrate (Weight)

  3. Select an existing non-strain specific Product Template

  4. Click on Create New Template to create a new one if desired.

  5. Select the Strain

  6. Enter the Amount to be used for this conversion; you can filter by type, strain, or room to more quickly locate the flower, shake/trim, etc. to be used.

If you need to Create a New Template, here is an example of how you could setup the Template Creator for Bulk Distillate for reference:

  1. Traceability Type: Bulk & Concentrate (weight)

  2. Category: Extracts - Concentrate

  3. Product Name of your choice or click the use Category Button

  4. Here you have the option to enter Flavor notes, select the default label to be printed, and choose to include all inventory created with this template in your Live Marketplace Store

  5. Weight is in grams; option to enter a price or mark as Vendor Sample is desired

  6. Click the ‘Create Product Template’ button

Note: You can continue to create individual strain-specifc products with the Product Creator if you choose to. Read here for more information on how to Create Products.

3. Now that you have either selected the desired Template or Created it, you can Convert it!

  1. Enter the “Amount to Use” which is 200 grams in our example

  2. Enter the Total Bulk Distillate produced which is 20 grams

  3. Enter any Waste from this conversion

  4. You can also add this inventory to a room if you’d like.

  5. Enter a Production Batch Name, this will populate on Inventory, Order Pullsheet, Invoice, and Manifest as well

  6. Click the Preview Convert button when you have entered all needed information.

4. Review the details once again of the conversion before Confirming:

1) Double-check your selections and make sure that everything is correct.

2) If at this point you realize you need to make changes, simply click the Back to Convert button to return to the previous page to do so.

3) If everything looks good, click the Confirm button

5. After Confirming, you will be automatically popped into Inventory Overview to view the newly converted Bulk Distillate and the parent lot of flower from which it was converted:

  1. Here you see our newly converted intermediate product of Bulk Distillate

  2. This is the Parent Lot of flower that we converted the Bulk Distillate from

6. In most cases, you do not want the new items to inherit the QA test results from the raw materials since the new product is now much more concentrated than its raw materials. To Remove the QA Result, click the checkbox for the package

and then the Modify button.

On the Modify Inventory screen, select the following:

  1. Special

  2. Click the checkbox to Remove QA Result from Inventory

  3. Click the Modify Inventory button

Nice Work! Your Bulk Distillate is definitely going to be a favorite!

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