The following article is a guide to how GrowFlow summarizes your monthly data in an attempt at helping your stay compliant and maintain tight controls over your inventory.

Please note that whilst we do our best to provide you with assistance, it is your own responsibility to report correct data to the State! 

Section 1: 'Beginning Balance'

First, you'll need to report what you had 'on hand' at the beginning of the month. This is all the inventory that you had at 12:00 am on the first of the previous month. 

Each month, at midnight, GrowFlow will automatically create a 'snapshot' of your inventory so that you can easily report it to OMMA for their State compliance reporting.

Here's a screenshot of the OMMA report from May 2019:

To complete the first section for 'on hand' just use the first column in GrowFlow's OMMA reporting tool: (click here for direct report link)

Section 2: Purchased from Growers

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