This article will quickly outline the steps you will need to take in Metrc and GrowFlow to accept  and sync in an incoming Metrc transfer. 

1. Go to your METRC account and go to "Transfers>> Licensed"
2. On the Transfers page choose "Incoming"

3. All pending incoming transfers will populate on this screen
4. Click "Receive" on the order at hand (make sure to do this after products are in             your physical custody)
5. On each line item, confirm the amount received, adjust for the actual amount received, or reject the entire package (Note: you cannot accept a partial package, you can only adjust for packaging or weight variance) 

6. Once you have confirmed all packages, click "Receive Transfer"
7. Next go to your GrowFlow account and login to the related license
8. Go to "Admin >>> Sync"
9. Click "Inventory Sync" and your incoming packages will be synced into your GrowFlow account. 

Great work!

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