Updated 7/21/21

Here's a quick explanation of the various options and shortcuts when printing labels for an Order. 

  1. "Select Label Page Format". If you are printing from a roll that is one label wide, you can just leave this as the default 'Single label per page'. If you are using Avery or Online Labels or rolls of plant tags that are several labels per row, you will need to select the correct Multi-Label template. Check out this article on Multi-Label Templates for more information. 

  2. Leave this set to "View as PDF" unless you happen to use PrintNode for printing large volumes of labels each day (500 or more). If you do use PrintNode, select the printer here.

  3. Shortcut to set all labels to use the selected template

  4. "Select Line Item Header template". If you have set up a label template to use as a line item header, you can select it here to use an extra label as a marker between line items. Leave this field blank if you are not using a line item header label.

  5. Select quantity of labels to print for a particular line item

  6. Shortcut to set all labels to print a particular quantity

  7. Select which label you want to print for the line item

  8. Print labels for one line item

  9. Preview one label for the line item to verify data that will print

  10. Export the label data to a csv

  11. Print all labels

  12. Print all labels, same as (11), but located at the bottom of the window in case you have a long list of items

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