Modify is a simple and powerful tool for completing many things you may need to do with your inventory items and plant records! You can do a number of things using this handy dandy GrowFlow feature. We'll go through what you can do with each Modify > Command option.


You can modify normal inventory items and clones from the Inventory Overview screen, accessed here:

The Modify function is located in the middle of the action bar at the top right of the line item list, as seen below. You must first select one, a few, or all the items you wish to Modify before clicking the icon.

Once you select the item or group of items you want to modify, click the Modify button. In the Modify popup that appears, you have 3 sections to choose from: Fields, Products, and Special.  We'll go through these one by one, starting with Fields:


A. Select Grade
This is for modifying the Grade of flower that has already been harvested. Grade is an inventory control feature occasionally used to help set pricing.

B. Select Flavor
Flavor is a characteristic of Manufactured products similar to "Strain"- it is used to designate "Chocolate Chip" for cookies or "Watermelon" for flavored vape pens. 

C. Select Category
Category refers to the basic way the system is tracking your inventory items. 

D. Birth Date
Birth Date is a feature of plants, and refers to when they were moved from the Clone stage into the Veg stage. Use this to correct a mistake about how old a plant or group of plants is. 

E. Add Note
This will allow you to add a note to the inventory item detail card or plant detail card of several items at once. A huge time savings when using notes to track details!


The Product section is specifically for packaged products. This dialog will allow you either repackage or correct mistakes made when initially packaging. You might to use this, for example, if a batch of flower was marked as being made into "1 gram Pre-Rolls" when it in fact was made into "3.5 gram Jars." Rather than undoing your work and redoing it, you can simply use this dialog to assign the flower to a new product template.

Finally, Special

This is indeed Special, you've made it to GrowFlow level 2000!
Use this dialog to manually assign or remove Lab Results from tested batches where the Lab Results aren't attaching correctly. Simply add the Lab Sample ID (the sample ID that has the lab results attached to it) to the box.


You can modify plant records from the Plant Overview screen, accessed here:

The Modify button is located on the drop-down menu under the "More" button on the upper, right-hand side of the screen:

Once you select the plant(s) you want to modify, click the Modify button. In the Modify popup that appears you will have four options to choose from: Choose an Existing Strain, Enter a New Strain, Is Mother, Birth Date. We'll go through these one by one:

A: Choose an Existing Strain- you can choose the existing strain from the drop-down list or begin typing the name and your choice will appear
B: Enter a New Strain- If you would like to add a new strain to your account, simply type it in here and it will not only apply the new strain to you selected plants but also store the strain in your Admin section
C: Is Mother- This will designate the selected plant(s) as Mother plants
D: Birth Date- This handy modification will change the birth date of your plant to the date of your choice. 

That's it! You have now mastered GrowFlow modifications.

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