It is often the case that someone wants to move 350 plants out of a room with 400 plants in it. It's easy to select "All" the plants with the check mark at the top of the list, but how do you select only 350 without having to manually "un-check" the 50 you want to leave behind? 

For plants start from a plant room view, like this:

For other types of items start in the Inventory Overview screen, here:

We're going to use the plants as an example but you can follow the same steps with other items in the inventory. Once you have the items you want to move on the screen, start by increasing your "per page" view all the way to 100.  If all the visible items are "selected" with a check mark along the right side, un-select them by clicking the check box at the top of the check box column. 

Next, "select" the first item on the list by putting a check mark in it's box along the right side. Then, just to the page corresponding to the number of items you want to select. 

Once you're on the correct page, hold shift and select approximately where you think the number you want is (50 is halfway down the page). You can select more or less by holding shift and clicking higher or lower on the list.

From the top of the page you can see how many items you have selected:

And there you have it- you've selected the correct number of plants without having to manually click all the check boxes! 

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