Updated 09/21/2022

One of the unique things about manufacturing from a traceability perspective is that when you go from one Product Traceability Type to another, the weight or volume of your product is subject to change. This presents challenges for METRC or BioTrack jurisdictions, as their entire reason for existing is to account for every last gram.

To overcome this hurdle and create easy workflows for our users, we have implemented Dynamic Conversions. When using a Dynamic Conversion, you tell the system what you're putting in, and what you got out. This is the tool you use to account for the loss during distillate polishing or the gain when you introduce terpenes, for example. 

Here is a Dynamic Conversion:

Here we have a diagram describing one simple workflow, going from plant material to finished vape cartridges:

  • Note: The subtext in each box indicates the Traceability Type

The unit of measure can remain the same or change as needed for your processes at each stage. You can have as few or as many Intermediate Products as needed to reflect your actual workflows. Intermediate products can be used to create more refined items in-house or be sold as bulk inventory through the order-building process in GrowFlow. The options are as varied as the industry we serve. 

Before you get started, you'll want to lay the foundation by creating the Products you need in your account for each step of the process. We encourage you to draw a diagram like this one and label the products you need for each step. 

Please reach out to us if you have further questions! We are happy to gain an understanding of your processes and enhance our software to create easy convenient processes in hopes of making traceability the simplest part of your day!

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