1. Log in to METRC with your username and password.

2. Click on your user ID in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. On the dropdown menu, click "API keys".

4. On the API Keys page, your API key will populate in the box under Programmatic Access.

5. If you do not see a number in the box, click  "generate". You will also want to generate a new API key if you are experiencing errors with permissions in your GrowFlow account.


If you reset your API key by pressing "Generate" the new API key will need to be inserted into all your accounts. If you have many accounts, please contact support for help with managing your API keys

Great job! You have now found your API Key! 

Now that you have your API key, you will need to copy and then paste it into your GrowFlow account. 

1. On your Metrc API key page, start copying the text above "API Keys", this will allow you capture the entire key on your clipboard.
2. Open your GrowFlow account and go to Account Settings

3. Here, you will paste your API key into the box provided under Traceability Credentials

4. Click "Update Traceability Credentials"

Done and Done, Nice Work!

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