When sending lots of untested material to Processors, you will need to notate 'Is Extraction?' on each line item on your sale regardless if the buyer intends to extract it or test it themselves to package.

Begin with building you order:

  1. Choose the order type "Processor"

  2. Select the receiving customer

  3. Add the untested material to your order

Confirm your order and push it through to the next column. Open your order and review the items on your pull sheet. This is where you need to ensure that each item has been marked for extraction. 

  1. If they have not, click the Edit button next to each line item

  2. Check the box under "Is Extraction?"

After confirming all check boxes are marked, you can move your order through the order process. 

Keep in mind since the last Leaf Data update tested and untested items can not be on the same order. If you have a buyer requesting both tested and untested lots you will need to create two separate orders.

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