If you have inventory that is missing QA results, first check to see if the lab results are listed in your QA Samples area. Any test you send out should have a result in here.

Sometimes labs will send you the actual results before they enter in the system.

For any inventory transferred to you, the QA results should be automatically attached.

First, verify the results are in the system

To see where the issue is go to in the top nav bar Admin >> QA Samples 

The results listed are in chronological order for when the lab submitted them, newest being on the top. You can use the search to start typing the parent lot, sample ID, or even strain name or filters to narrow down the results.

Any results entered in LEAF and synced into GF will appear here:

Not there? Check Pending QA Samples Tab

Find the inventory you sent for testing and click 'Sync' on the line item. If it exists it in LEAF, it will find it and then attach the result to the inventory.

Still not there? Contact your lab

If they're in neither spot, GrowFlow is unable to find a lab results in LEAF for that inventory. Please contact your lab that tested the material and ask them to create the lab results in LEAF and provide you with the Lab Result ID (format looks like: WAL#.LR#### shown in the photo below).

If you made any sublots or child inventory prior to getting the lab results attached, those child IDs may not have the lab automatically associated. Please refer to Fix Missing QA Results article to attach the results manually.

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