Updated 4/26/21

Lets get your lab results fixed up!

Are your results completely missing?

Navigate to Admin>QA Samples to see the status of samples that you sent to the lab.

QA Samples: Results that already synced into your account are on this first tab.
Pending QA Samples: These are samples you sent that the lab hasn't yet entered, or they haven't synced into your account yet.

Getting an error that "All items must have a lab result"?

If you see this error, you can usually get around it by splitting your order into two manifests. One for tested items, and one for untested items. On the untested items, use the Edit button to select the box called "for extraction" (only available on orders going to processors).

Trouble Transferring and order?

If you're seeing an error while transferring that looks something like this, it's because Leafdata is looking for a lab result that is missing. You'll need to find the applicable lab result ID from the parent lot, or from the QA Samples tab, copy the lab result ID and attach it to the order's line item ID using the Modify>Special workflow. See steps below.

Below are the steps to fix this so you can transfer your order. You will need to repeat this process for each lab result that is missing.

Step 1: Identify which inventory needs fixing

To fix the links between your order items and their respective QA lab results (like the ones in the red box above), open the Order Detail page and click on Edit >View On Inventory

Step 2: Find the Lab Result ID that should be used

From the Inventory screen, look under the QA column. Under each "PASS" button, there should be a corresponding LRID, which is the Leafdata lab sample ID. 

Use-case A: Don't see an LRID?

Click on the first item that has a PASS button in the QA Results and no LRID number under it.

On the QA Results box that pops up, look for the LR ID number in the top left corner, and copy it to your clipboard. Then close this window to return to the previous screen.

Note: If you don't see a sample ID here, please check the parent inventory that this item came from. As long as the item did not go under any further processing or changes, and should use the same test results, you may grab the Sample ID (aka LRID) from it.

Use-Case B) See an LR ID, but it is different than GF ID?

Then copy the LRID as described above and continue the steps below

Step 3: Assign the lab result to the inventory

Modify the inventory. Select the inventory item's checkbox, and click Modify button 

Assign the lab result: (1) click on the Special button, (2) paste in the previously copied LRID, and (3) hit the Modify Inventory button when finished.

Pro-tip! You may modify more than one inventory at a time, as long as it shares the same results.

Step 4: Attempt to Manifest/Transfer order again

Once you've finished this for all the problem inventory on the order, refresh the Order page and you can now Manifest or Transfer.

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