Updated: 12/21/2020

In this article, we’ll go over the two storage locations that come pre-loaded into all GrowFlow environments. We will also advise on how to create new storage locations, and how to assign products between those defined virtual locations. This is important if you would like to manage what is sellable in your store after accepting and activating packages. Placing a package in a non-sellable location will prevent your budtenders from accidentally selling new products before clearing out existing stock.

To view or create new storage locations:

1. Navigate to “Settings”

2. Click “Storage Locations”

3. To create a new location, click the “Green Plus” at the top right of the screen.

To assign a package to a new storage location:

1. Ensure that you have sufficient user privileges to change the product’s inventory state. Then navigate to the “Packages” tab.

2. Locate the package you would like to change the location for by performing a search using its SKU.

3. Once this is complete continue with the steps provided in the next screenshot.

4. Click on the “Package”

5. Click the “Action Icon”

6. Click “Change Storage Location”

7. Assign the product to the correct location from the drop-down list.

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