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How to Set Up, Apply, and View Discounts in GrowFlow

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PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of updating our help materials to reflect the recent release of Organization Settings. You may see differences in the UI and navigation between the above video and the content of this article. If you need any additional clarification, please reach out to our Customer Happiness team via the chat bubble in your account.

Discounts are set up using Rules to create the various deals you may want to offer at your store. For example, if you would like to have a Happy Hour or a discount for Veterans, you can set up rules to manually or automatically apply discounts based on Customer Status. Before you can apply discounts to your Order, they will first need to be created.

Adding a New Discount

1. Click on Org Settings.

2. Click on Discounts.

3. In the top right corner, click the Green + button to create a new discount.

4. On the Add New Discount modal you will create the discount.

A. Discounts are created with Active toggled on by default.

B. Create a Name for your discount.

C. Toggle on Enter Amount at Register if you want to manually enter the discount amount during checkout. If you use this option, you will also have the option to limit the maximum discount percentage that can be applied.

D. Select the Discount Type. We will go over each of these options in more detail below.

E. Enter in the discount amount. It will either be a dollar amount or percentage depending on the Discount Type you have selected.

F. Toggle Auto Apply Discount if you would like the discount to be automatically applied anytime the conditions for that discount are met.

G. Toggle on Require Admin PIN if you want the discount to only be applied after the Admin PIN has been entered.

H. Select a Rule to create conditions for when the discount can be applied. We’ll go over each of these rules below.

I. Use the + Add Rule button to add additional rules and the Clear All button if you want to clear all the rules you've added and start over.

J. Pick a Color that will help identify your discount and the register.

K. Review a Sample of what your discount button will look like at the register. Remember to Save & Close once you have finished.

Discount Stacking

For more information on our Discount Stacking options, please see this article:

Discount Types

A. Entire Order by Percent - Discount the total order by a selected percentage.

B. Entire Order by Amount - Discount the total order by a selected dollar amount.

C. Entire Order to Dollar - Sets entire order to preselected dollar amount. (Note: Entire Order to Dollar discounts are applied to the Grand Total inclusive of taxes, regardless of the store's inclusive tax settings).

D. Entire Order at Cost plus Percent - Discount the total order to Cost plus (+) the selected percentage.

E. Item by Percent - Discount an item by a selected percentage.

F. Item by Amount - Discount an item by a selected dollar amount.

G. Item to Dollar - Discount an item to a preselected dollar amount (Note: Item to Dollar discounts are applied to the amount of the item including taxes, regardless of a store's inclusive tax settings).

H. Item at Cost plus Percent - Discount the Item to Cost plus (+) the selected percentage.


1. Start Date - Set a date for your discount to begin.

2. End Date - Set a date for your discount end.

3. Days of Week - Set which days of the week the discount will work on.

4. Start Time - Set the time a discount will begin.

5. End Time - Set the time a discount will end.

6. Customer is Employee - Set discount to apply only if Customer is Employee.

7. User Assigned To Order - Allows you to limit the availability of a discount to a certain employee — for example, a discount that is only accessible by a certain key holder/manager.

8. Customer Type - Set discount based on if customer is Medical or Recreational.

9. New Customer - Apply discount when customer is New.

10. Customer Birthday - Apply discount when it is customer’s birthday.

11. Customer Status - Apply discount when customer has correct Status

12. Customer Tags - Apply discount when customer has correct Tag

13. Anonymous Customer - Constrain discount to Anonymous customers

14. Order Total Exceeds - Set discount based on total order amount.

Using a Discount

Now that you've set up a deal, a Discount button will appear in your open order. The Discount can be applied so long as you are meeting all the rule constraints that you set. If you're using an Item Discount, remember to first click the item you want to apply the discount to, then select the discount. Any automatic discounts will be applied so long as the rules are met.

  1. In an Open order, Click Discounts to bring up your available discounts. If the discount you want to apply is specific to an item, please select the item in the order before clicking on the Discount button.

2. From the Discount menu, select the discount you would like to apply to the order.

Viewing and Removing Applied Discounts

  1. Once you have applied a Discount, click on the Green Tag to view the currently applied discount(s). The number in the Green Tag shows how many are currently being applied.

  2. Click the Remove button to remove that discount from the order.

Additional Resources for Discounts

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