Update at 2/9/21

An API Key is like a password. To reset your LEAF API key, please login to LEAF at

You'll first be re-directed to a page where you need to click on the Secure Access Washington link:

On the login page, enter your SAW account credentials in the email and password fields:

After clicking the Submit button, you'll be taken to your Leaf account. You can watch a video at the link below on how to navigate in your Leaf account to generate a new API key and copy it to your clipboard for pasting into your GrowFlow Account Settings page. When you click the link, you will first need to enter your name and email address before the video will play for you.  Video on resetting API Key 

The steps for once you are in your Leaf account are shown below.

  1. Click on Users at the top, then click on View

2. Click on the pencil to 'Modify'

Part 1: How to regenerate a new API key

  1. Click the little 'Reset' icon to generate a new API key

  2. Click 'Use it!' to set it

  3. Don't forget to click Save! 

Continue with Part 2 below to verify the changes and copy your new key

Part 2: Copy your new API key

1. Click on Users at the top, then click on View

2. Click the little pencil 'Modify' (yes again :) this method ensures you are copying the correct API key)

3. Copy the new API key then close out of LEAF

Step 3: Update your API key in GrowFlow

1. In GrowFlow, hover over your name in the upper right corner, then click 'Account Settings'

2. Paste the new API key in the form
3. Click 'Update Traceability Credentials' which will save it

Now continue your work in Growflow to record traceable events!

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