As of 12-13-20

When some or all of the goods on an order are rejected and sent back to you, you can find them in your rejected items area. This differs slightly from your inbound transfers, being that those are orders that are manifested to you.

Once items are rejected digitally by the the other party in the system, the order will have a yellow banner saying, "Partial Returns", letting you know some of the items are being sent back. If you don't see this flag but know they're coming back, follow step 2 below to try to sync them in.

Step 1: 

Open the order itself and click on 'View Possible Returns'

Step 2: 

If you don't see anything in here, and you've gotten the rejected items back, first try clicking the sync in this window. That usually does the trick.

Step 3:

Any line items that have been rejected will pop up with the quantity rejected.

a. Verify that the quantity rejected matches what you received back versus the manifest

b. Once the rejected quantity is entered correctly, click the "All" button to select all the indicated items

c. Take a last look to confirm or update the amounts they didn't accept

d. Select a room for the items to return to

e. When you're done, click "Import Rejected Transfers"

Notes: If you make a mistake and import more than what the vendor rejected, you will need to adjust down the quantity you imported, and edit the total price on the invoice's line item so it's correct in your reports. If you accidentally import all units back into your inventory but the vendor actually kept at least one of them, you'll need to edit the price of a different line item on the invoice to include the total you collected for the voided line item.

Step 4:

Once rejected items are received back into inventory, the invoice will be updated to reflect the correct quantity and total price received on the transfer.

Those items will now be available for a new order.

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