Your LEAF main admin email must match the email you use to log into SAW (Secure Access Washington)

  1. Each LEAF account main admin email address must be unique (we do not yet have instructions for those with multiple licenses- please message us if you fall into this category and can successfully to connect to one license but not another)

Step 1 Log into SAW

Open a new chrome 'Incognito' or Firefox 'New Private Window' browser tab.
Go to the 'settings' in Chrome or Firefox and clear your cookies.
Go to Secure Access Washington and log in.

Click the top right link

You should see this screen:

Were you able to log into SAW?

If 'yes' please scroll down to step 2, logging into LEAF.
If 'no' please keep reading.

Problems logging in to SAW

If you cannot log into SAW, please use the SAW username or password retrieval to gain access to SAW.

After successfully logging into SAW, please click here to jump to the next step.

Step 2 Log into LEAF

Please note, you must successfully log into SAW before proceeding with this step.

Go to

Were you able to log into LEAF?

If 'yes' please scroll down and proceed to step 3, creating your API Key.
If 'no' please continue reading to troubleshoot logging into LEAF.

Problems logging into LEAF: error 1

Do you see this screen?
If 'yes' keep reading.
If 'no' click here to jump to Problems logging into LEAF: error 2'

This error is caused by the email that LEAF has on file (your main LCB email for the license) does not match the email that you used to log into SAW.

To try to remedy this yourself, you can try one more thing but otherwise you will need to contact LEAF and let them know you are experiencing the 'unauthorized' error.

You need to figure out what email address LEAF has on file for your main admin email.

Update 2/2/18: Last night, the LCB apparently emailed you with the correct email they have on file. We understand the possible flaw in that logic.... :(  

GrowFlow has one suggestion for this email which can be found here:

If you already tried that one, please reach out to us and we will attempt to provide you with another email option.

If still no luck, you can email LEAF here and tell them you are experiencing the Unauthorized error: [email protected]

Problem logging into LEAF: error 2

Do you see this screen?

Unfortunately, this error is caused by the LEAF system and the LCB Licensing system not communicating together correctly. The LEAF and MJFreeway engineers are actively working on this solution right now, as per a voicemail from Amy Poinsett, CEO of MJ Freeway this morning [2/2/2018].

If this is the issue you are experiencing, please message us so we can let you know as soon as LEAF has fixed the unauthorized error.

Want to connect your LEAF account with GrowFlow? 

Check out this article on generating a new API key

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