Updated 4/26/21

LeafData groups plants and inventory in terms of 'batches'. This might be a bit confusing at first, but it is helpful for quickly finding plants in your operation, as well keeping groups of inventory together. 

A batch is a group of plants or inventory, that were created at the same time (in most cases). Each batch get's a unique ID that distinguishes it from other batches. This includes plants/clones that were created at the same time, as well as bulk flower and other inventory items. Batches are unique by strain and move with plants and material through the seed-to-sale process.

There are a few times where a new batch is created:

  1. During Plant creation

  2. During the Harvest Process

  3. During conversions

Let's take a closer look at each scenario.

During Plant Creation
When you create plants from clones, those plants will become a batch (per strain). This can be especially helpful when you have a veg or flower room with a lot of a single strain in it - you can now find each 'batch' or plant group by simply searching the batch ID.

During the Harvest Process
As you enter the wet weights, a new batch will created automatically for that material.

During Conversions
As you convert to items that have a different traceability type than the parent, or that have two or more sources (e.g., making and MJ Mix lot, or creating pre-rolls from a flower lot) a new batch will also be created because the material is undergoing a fundamental change.

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