Updated 03/23/2022

The most time-consuming part of selling Variety Packs is making the labels - but it's totally doable. For that reason, you want to make enough of the product so that it's worth your while since each combination of lots used in any one pack will require its own label.

How To:

Goal: Create 1000 units of a '"variety" 4-pack, each containing 4 x 1g pre-rolls of 4 different strains:

  1. Via Admin > Products, create a new Product named "Variety Pack"

    1. Traceability Type = Usable MJ

    2. Weight = 4 grams

  2. Find the 4 Lots you're going to use

    1. Write down the cannabinoid lab results you need to show on the label

      1. You'll need these later!

  3. From Inventory > Convert, choose the new 4-gram Variety Pack product

    1. Locate and select 1000 grams from each of the 4 different (tested) Flower Lots

  4. Enter the quantity produced from this conversion = 50 units

  5. Convert

Create a custom label:

  1. Create a new label for type = Retail / Usable MJ and call it "Variety Pack"

  2. In a text field on the Label Editor, manually type in:

    1. All four strain names

    2. Their lot compliance IDs

    3. And all four sets of

      1. THCA

      2. Total THC

      3. CBDA

      4. Total CBD

      5. Any other information you are required to display

        1. Gather the information by clicking on the Variety Pack's ID button, then each of its parent Flower Lots to see the individual lab results

  3. Also, type in any required pesticide information for each strain's lot

  4. Save

On Admin > Product:

  1. Assign the new label you made to the specific Variety Pack product.

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