Manage how your subscription is paid in the 'Manage Subscription' area of your account settings, at the bottom of the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner of GrowFlow.

Our invoice appears as coming from "GrowFlow Corp" (a software company).

We prefer that your GrowFlow bill is paid via the option called 'direct bank transfer' since this results in lower fees, but we also make credit/debit cards an option as well. If you opt to pay for a year at a time, you get 2 months free on us! Your subscription plan will be already entered, and you can select monthly or yearly billing at the top.

If paying via ACH bank transfer, you can enter in your account/routing number and our payment processor will deposit two micro-payments into your account.  You will need to look up these amounts and send them to us so we can validate your bank account.  Security!

All subscriptions are auto-processed monthly or yearly starting on the date that your trial has ended.

If you want to change the card you're using simply remove the current card and add the new one. 

If you prefer to pay with cash, you can get a prepaid Visa for up to $2,000 at any major outlet and update the card information with that.

Currently we do not accept payments via check or cash due to the amount of extra burden it puts on our bookkeeping team.  We are finding out tracking and paying taxes is a huge pain, we can't imagine what you have you to deal with.

Reach out with any questions or issues you run into and thanks for joining the GrowFlow Family!

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