Updated 08/16/2022

Add, Edit, Delete, or Hide - Manage your Strains list via Admin > Strains!

Your strains are displayed in a list-formatted menu.

A. Actions Area:

  • Click +New Strain to create a new strain

  • Export your list of strains

  • Click Show Hidden to toggle your list view to the inactive strains you've previously hidden

  • Select any strain(s), then click Del to permanently delete them from your views

B. Edit: Click to edit the Strain details

C. Customize Strain Details:

  • Strain Name

  • Nickname

  • Type: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

  • Sativa% + Indica%

    • Interactive with each other to total 100%

  • Notes

  • DTH: Days to Harvest, indicating the number of days to harvest from a plant’s birth date

  • Hide: Check this box to hide inactive strains from your view without deleting them

Don't forget to click Save!

Hidden Strains:

If Show Hidden is clicked, the strains list view will be toggled to include any strains previously marked as hidden. Hidden strains are displayed with a red checkmark in the Hide column.

  • Click Hide Hidden to toggle the list view to active strains only

  • Click Edit to un-hide the strain

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