**** The best way to create vendor samples is to just select that product from your intermediate lot, when adding things to the cart. But, if you are hell bent on pre-packing vendor samples, read on.

1. First, go to the inventory page and click convert

2. Next, select your pre-defined Vendor Sample product from the second drop down.

3. Enter the appropriate amount to take from the lot you want - in this case I want to make 12, 0.5g samples, so I will enter 6 on that lot.

4. Then, I enter the number of units I want to create (12) and double check that my individual unit weight is correct.

5. Then finish up the conversion and you will see your products on the inventory page.

6. When adding these pre-packed vendor samples to your order, you will need to make sure and check the Vendor Sample check box for that item.

7. Proceed with your order as usual.

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